To plant a forest in the midst of climate change,
you need to get the details right.

Dry oak forest with blueberry and huckleberry ground cover.
Native wetland forest with peeers and wood frogs in the spring.

You need to know the forest type suitable for the area: Well-drained upland forest, wetland forest or...?

In the mid-Atlantic states, you need to plant mostly deciduous, native hardwood trees.
They resist fire.
They feed and shelter wildlife.
They absorb, hold, and purify rainwater.

Various tree bark images.
Lady's slipper orchid
Coral fungus.

You need to plant shrubs, herbs, wildflowers, and medicinal plants common to the region.

You need to improve soil so thousands of species can thrive here.

You need to protect with edge plantings to deter exotic species and wind damage.

Protective forest edge.

You need to fence the forest to keep deer from eating young seedlings.

Deer fence install.