Old growth conditions

Planting resilient forests that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to counteract climate change.

What we know now motivates us

It has taken us many years to grasp fully the seriousness of our planetary climate problem, partly out of denialism, and partly because of well-funded deception by those who profit from resource extraction, fossil fuel mining and drilling, and our consumption activities.

We now know what is happening.

Chestnut oak leaves

Carbon - the miracle element in almost everything everywhere on earth - has been taken from where it has been sequestered for millions of years deep in the earth, the earth's surface, and the ocean. Human activity has caused carbon to migrate disproportionately to the atmosphere. There in the form of carbon dioxide, it and other gases act as a blanket to heat up the earth, causing temperatures to rise and the physics of weather to change.

Unchecked, this change is the stuff of previous mass extinctions. Unmitigated, carbon dioxide emitted now into the atmosphere persists for 300 to 1,000 years. Unmitigated, atmospheric carbon dioxide levels will cause a loss of cognitive function in human beings.

What green living beings do is take carbon dioxide out of the air and sink it into leaves, stems, branches, trunks, and roots, as well as in all forms of life that feed on these green living beings. In this process, green life gives back oxygen to the atmosphere.

Fern covered forest floor
Old growth hardwood

A healthy forest transacts carbon superbly well.

In humility and awe of how a forest does this, we plant 10-acre areas as carbon forests (and can scale by 10 to any size). Our plans are shovel ready.